Tissue Paper Tassel Garland DIY

finished tasselI am currently preparing for my booth for Dustbowl Arts Market, an indie craft fair in Norman, OK . In the midst of this process, I decided I needed something cute and attention-grabbing to help decorate my portable chalkboard wall. This pretty little tassel garland is what I settled on. I was beyond happy with the way it turned out, so I decided to share it with you luvvly ladies!

You will need:

-Tissue paper



tissue paper

First, select the tissue paper colors you want to use. Then, fold them in half.

tissue paper stripsNext, cut the tissue paper into strips approximately half an inch wide.

twisted tissue paperThen, twist the bundles of tissue paper in the very center. (Note: the amount of tissue paper you use on each tassel is up to you, depending on how full you would like them to end up.)

fasten tassleAfter that, use a thin string to fasten the twisted tissue paper into a loop. After you have finished all of your tassels, you will use these loops to string each of them onto a long ribbon/thread to complete the garland.

complete tassels

Voila! I thought it made for a festive, feminine touch to my booth. What do you luvvies think???

PS: I also believe this would be beautiful if done with fabric!


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