Tissue Paper Flower DIY

bannerThis week's DIY will kind of be a two-parter, so please bear with us. Today you will learn how we make tissue paper flowers! What's more exciting?? Next week you will learn what it is we plan to use these babies for!

suppliesYou will need:

-Tissue paper (5 sheets makes one large ball)


-Floral wire

5 pieces of tissueFirst, gather 5 sheets of tissue paper. You can either choose sheets that are all the same color, or you can get a bit funky and mix and match like we have here.

line up tissueTry to match up the edges of your tissue paper as well as you possibly can.

fold like a fan

fold like a fan2Now, fold your entire tissue paper stack like a fan. (Yep, just like the ones you made in grade school!)

cut flower wireOnce your paper is all the way folded, grab your floral wire and scissors. Cut one piece of wire in half.

fasten wireNow, wrap your wire around the middle of your tissue paper fan, making sure it is secure.

cut round edgesNext, use your scissors to round the edges of your tissue paper.

rounded edgesWhen you have done that, your edges will look something like the photo above.

pull apartNow for the fun! Slowly and gently begin to pull apart the pieces of tissue in order to spread them out.

pull apart2Do this to both sides until your tissue paper is the shape of a flower.

finishedYour finished product should look something like the photo above.

What do you luvvies think?! Stay tuned to find out what we plan to do with these pretty petals!


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