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Hi lovely luvvies. My name is Payton and I am The Window Shopper. I am thrilled to contribute to #fashionfriday in Darcy’s absence. She and I have collaborated several times but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of posting on Hello Luvvy directly…until today!

At this moment, I am in New Orleans for the wedding celebration of a very dear friend. We met in college at Tulane and she’s one of those effortlessly cool people that everyone wants to be around. NOLA is her very favorite place to be and she just moved back, so it’s sure to be quite the affair.

Every time my hubby & I go to New Orleans, we inevitably try to pack in gobs of activities in a short time. This time is no different, probably more hectic than usual! There are four events surrounding the wedding weekend that I will be attending. Believe it or not, I’m not the best packer. I tend to bring way too much and regret all of my choices upon arrival. Since I knew that this post would coincide with the NOLA getaway/wedding, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to nail down outfit plans beforehand. {What a novel idea!}

So, luvvies, just for you (and for the sanity of my sweet husband) I have laid out exactly what I will be wearing at each of the parties – from the shoes to the accessories to the toppers. I found that I actually enjoy being prepared!

1. bbq look with captions

The Occasion: Welcome BBQ @ The Green House Inn (swimsuit optional)

The Details

vintage liquid gold swing mini - blasia la via goodwill

booties - not rated via plato's closet

vintage collar - salvation army

(one of kind) fringe necklace - handcrafted by Emily's one man band

  3. Brunch captions

The Occasion: Bridesmaids’ brunch at a residence in the Garden District

The Details

vintage peplum mini - misty rose via grey dog

vintage sequin cap - bettina originals via cheap thrills

pink heels - gianni bini

vintage lucite & turquoise bangles – thrifted

4. rehearsal look with captions

The Occasion: Wedding rehearsal at St. Patricks // Rehearsal dinner at a private residence

The Details

vintage lace dress - michael dupre for sue brett via cheap thrills

three chain necklace & necklaces as ankle-straps via mae's emporium

vintage velvet hat - hat - hattie carnegie original via cheap thrills

slingbacks - steve madden

*optional slip change post-rehearsal

2. bridesmaid look with captions

The Occasion: Bridesmaid // Wedding // Reception @ N.O. Board of Trade

The Details

sequin dress - vintage a.j.bari via ebay (the bride let us choose our own sparkly party dress! – see, I told you she was cool)

heels - seychelles via maude boutique + a bit of tulle DIY

earrings - kate spade (a gift from the bride at my wedding)

vintage gold lamé clutch

5. alternate look with captions

The Occasion: Alternate option

The Details

open shoulder box mini - cameo via scarlet

vintage aqua beads - mae's

vintage mardi gras mask necklace

neon stilettos - prabal gurung for target

>>view all the looks in more detail<<

This was personally styled from my collection.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Mallory Berry of MGB photo for the photos.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit prep for this weekend! I think I’m going to take pictures of my planned looks for all of my getaways going forward…

You are welcome to visit me at, keep up with me in real time on Instagram or shoot me an email.

Take time to slow down & dress up

xo Payton

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