The Sweet Life

My husband has never been an avid dessert-eater. When we got married we had to have a serious discussion about how we deal with the "Would you like to look at the dessert menu?" question. The wrong answer is, "No thank you, we are full." He knows that now. When we travel it's just not possible for me to find a time when eating a sweet feels inappropriately timed. This summer has been no different and I find myself asking for a sweet treat pretty much constantly. Gelato in Capri?

 Gelato 2

Twice a day. At least once from Buonocore Gelateria on the main shopping street and another time from one of the  smaller places tucked along the slender side streets. But don't tell Faye you went or she will be super jealous. Especially if you had pistachio gelato.

Fayes Ice Cream

Lemon granita in Positano?

Granita 1

One before lunch from an Italian man selling granita on the pier to tourists, and one after from the Lemon Slush Sorbet cart (it really is the best one) while you walk around the shops and art galleries.

 granita 2

Rum Punch in Barbados?


Yes, of course. Sugar Cane is cultivated in abundance, so the rum is the best sweet treat they have to offer. I can definitely handle a liquid treat. Cutters has the best on the island and you can buy it in jugs to bring home. When we get to Dallas I am going to be headed to Steele City Pops within the week. What's more Dallas than a gourmet popsicle made to beat the Texas heat? It's basically a popsicle with big hair wearing  high heels. What's your summer sweet treat of choice? Any place I should book a southwest airlines flight to for the sake of sweet indulgence? kelsey-sig

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