The Light is Winning - A Spring Fever Hello Luvvy Playlist

spring playlist, march music, iggy azalea, clueless, driving songsThe Light is Winning - Hello Luvvy Spring Mix

It's that time again! Playlist magic time! I so enjoy making these for you luvvlies. I hope you're enjoying them too! This month's playlist is about all the feels that come with the transition to spring. A lot of these songs revolve around love, because spring fever is real, of course. But just as spring itself can be fickle (at least for us in Arkansas - 72 as the high today - 54 as the high later this week), so can Spring fever.  We have the excitement of all of the prospects that spring brings, but we also have Frühjahrsmüdigkeit (Spring tiredness, just learned this word from wiki, but  had to include it. How cool is it that the Germans have a word for this?). Spring is a time of rebirth which means not only embracing newness, but understanding what you're shedding in the change. It's my hope that this playlist mirrors the transition from winter that we desperately need, while still acknowledging we're not quite in the sunny summer zone (yet!). For all of you that are traveling for Spring Break or vacation, or just enjoying the prospect of driving with your window's down, I included some of my favorite driving songs that fit into this theme as well. So please blast this to pep you up in your morning drive, or to wake you up on hour 10 of a long road trip. Also, fair warning, I included "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea mostly because she officially won me over with her music video that recreates Clueless - oh yesssssss!   Melinda

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