The Indie Craft Fair: An Etsy Lover's Dream

dustbowl crowd 2

The indie craft fair is not necessarily a new phenomenon, but it is one that I have only began to participate in over the last couple of years. Ladies, this is not your grandmother’s craft fair. Indie craft fairs offer a wide variety of unique vintage and handmade goods, as well as original artwork, in the vein of what you might find on sites like Etsy. Don’t get me wrong- I love Etsy, but both buying and selling at these fairs is so much more fun! For the shopper, there are several benefits. You are able to see the item in person before you purchase it, you get a chance to meet the creator or curator (whichever it may be) in person, AND you are able to save on those annoying shipping costs! As a seller, you are offered the chance to develop a one-on-one relationship with your customers, allowing them to ask questions and learn more about your products. Plus, nothing beats the exciting atmosphere of being with so many unique and creative individuals. If you have never attended one of these types of fairs, I highly recommend it! For our Northwest Arkansas readers, The Little Craft Show is a great place to start. They typically hold their Holiday Market in Fayetteville in the beginning of December. It is the perfect place to find unique Christmas gifts, and I promise you will not be disappointed! I have also heard great things about Indie Emporium in Tulsa, OK and The Girlie Show in OKC. These fairs literally take place year-round all over the country, so wherever you live, there is bound to be one close by.


This past weekend, I was a vendor at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, Oklahoma. It was my second year to participate, and despite the cold temperatures, we had a lot of fun. I have included some pictures of my booth below so that those of you who have never attended this type of event can see the types of things you might find. Hope you enjoy!






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