The Foodie Holiday Gift Guide - 2014

foodiegiftguideGift, gift, giftsssss! 'Tis the season to start thinking about what to get the luvvs in your life. We know that the people you love have all sorts of different personalities, so I'm here to make sure the foodie in your life is covered. I have explored the depths of the internet to find the BEST gifts you can give to a food or drink enthusiast. This list is the perfect combination of pretty, functional, and wonderful. Make sure to comment which gift you would want below! It's so hard to decide. Click on the titles to be brought to the links where you can buy any of the gifts that catch your eye. 1. Anthro Measuring Cups  - Ok,  the first stop for anything pretty will be anthro. Anthropology is notorious for making all of us dream of a world where we are as precious as their creations makes us think we are. These measuring cups are no exception. Surely the food will taste better when it's measured in such beautiful cups. 2. Veggie and Fruit Spiral Slicer  - Hey! Have you been hiding under a rock? No? Oh ok, then you've probably caught on to zucchini pasta and the likes as a major trend in food this year. Get your healthy foodie this awesome tool to help them in their quest to make yummy food that's good for the body too. 3. Whiskey Decanter   - I'm sure you've all picked up on my love of whiskey-related cocktails if you've followed along with my posts. When I saw this decanter, I knew it'd be perfect for the whiskey luvver in your life. I always think decanters add special class to a bar cart, so here's your chance to snatch one up that's classy and fairly inexpensive. 4. Micro Green Kits -   For apartment dwellers, nothing is more beautiful than dreaming of having a lush farm of your own. Well, this may not be a back forty, but this kit will help you grow some delicious fresh herbs and vegetables to use in your recipes. 5. Mixology Dice - Know someone adventurous who loves to play games? These mixology dice are the perfect gift to spice up this person's life. These dice have different mixology options to push you to make unique drinks. There's a food one too! 6. Kitchy Kitchen Cookbook - So of all the food bloggers I follow (trust me, it's A LOT), my favorite currently is probably Claire Thomas of Kitchy Kitchen. Claire has beautiful recipes that tantalize the tongue. I was psyched when her book came out this year, and you will be too once you buy it and peruse how amazing it is! 7. Kate Spade Owl Bottle Stopper Set - Who doesn't love Kate Spade? Her simple yet chic designs are perfecting for envying and thus, perfect for giving. I especially luvv these cute matching wine toppers. One for you and one for the bestie? 8. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Box  - You, I, we, NEED recipe boxes. It's so easy to look up something on Pinterest and pin it, yet never find it again. I'm a firm believer that a recipe box is something any cook should have. Maybe you'll be tempted to write more recipes when you can store them in an adorable box. 9. Dapper Animal Plates - I, Melinda Asewicz, have an addiction to all things with cute animals on them. Especially foxes. Fox salt shakers? Check. Fox wine topper? Check. Bear bottle opener? Check.A million kitchen towels with animals? Check. Seriously, if it has a cute animal on it, I'll probably buy it. This is perfect for your animal lover friends or family members. 10. Conversion Poster - This is a necessity. It may not be the most exciting gift, but man, the pragmatist in me just thinks it is so crucial for the kitchen. This poster contains EVERYTHING you could want to know about conversions in the kitchen, as well as a lot of other random kitchen facts a cook needs to know. This would be a life -saver in so many ways. I mean really, it could save a life when it tells you how to properly cook meat! Ok, so if you want to send me all of these gifts, feel free to email me for my address! Just kidding. But really, buy some of these for yourself (you deserve it!) or for the people you love (they deserve it!). Then, food and drink enthusiast can unite in celebrating your awesome gifts! Happy Shopping, My Sweets! melinda-sig

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