The Big 1

I have an eleven month old. That means that in one month I will have a twelve month old, and she is going to need a party to celebrate that. Ok, maybe she doesn't need one, but I sure want to throw one. And I am not going to lie, I want an over-the-top party. In London we haven't done anything close to the amount of entertaining we did in Dallas. When you move someplace new you have to allow time to make friends before you can entertain them. Go figure. Then we had a baby, and she is slowly learning the art of the visitor. So this first birthday party is where I am focusing all my hostess energy. I've been collecting (pinning, of course) the needed inspiration and ideas. It's more a color scheme theme than anything else. The Big 1_Inspiration Board-01 Our thimble sized flat isn't going to work for this shindig, so Mat and I decided on the private space of a restaurant called No. 11 Pimlico Road. In an oh-so-English, way that is also the address. If you happen to be in London on April 12th, 2014, feel free to drop by. All drinks and food are going to be coordinated through No. 11, and that just makes my life a lot easier. Plus, we got to go for a tasting last week to pick out everything for the menu. It was the kind of fun that makes you feel less guilty for spending more money than you thought you would. They even brought in a baker for the cake.  So good. This week I am getting all the other party goods pulled together. It seems early, but life is about to get really busy and I want it all sorted so I can focus on big girl things like finishing up a class I am taking. I doubt my professor will accept "Needed more time to purchase things from Etsy" as a valid excuse to turn in a paper late.

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