The Art of The Day Trip

The Art of the Day Trip-01 Who says trips have to be long? Nature sure doesn't. When the sun comes up early and sets late all the while providing sunshine with a temperature of "it's ok to ride with the windows down," summer is inviting you to hit the road twice in one day. The day trip is a requirement for summer and I suggest taking as many as you can possibly fit into this short stint of long days. But I don't want you to take terrible day trips. You know the ones. The ones where every decision leads to stress instead of carefree summer fun. Getting the day trip right is an art. Keep these five things in mind and you will be the Monet of your summer days. #1: Know Your Activity Level Are you going on this trip because you want to do something or because you want to do nothing? Choose your destination appropriately. #2: Leave Space in Your Schedule A day trip isn't meant for packing two days worth of activities into twelve hours. A packed schedule leads to fights with your travel party at worst and blisters at best. I say pick two or three things to lead your day. Something like "let's have a picnic, a boat ride and get snow cones at that one famous place" and then leave the rest of your schedule open. Space makes or breaks your trip. #3: Have a Plan "We will figure it out when we get there" is for trips no shorter than 3 days. Before you leave do the tiniest bit of research so you aren't clueless when you arrive. #4: Make the Journey Part of the Fun Have a playlist that's sing-along ready, a game that will bring about some laughs, a couple interesting questions to talk about. Getting to and from is part of your day so don't discount those precious minutes. #5: Be Up for Anything If a fruit stand on the way sounds awesome then stop at the fruit stand. Ya know? Get out there. Summer is asking you to. kelsey-sig

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