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Bright and early on a Saturday morning I got my lazy bones  out and headed to one of our local farmers' markets to meet up with the luvvly girls of That's So Raw, Kendalyn McKisick and Natashia Burch. Kendalyn is the chef, and Tasha does PR, assisting, and probably her favorite part, taste-testing. Through our morning of shopping for fresh goodies and our afternoon of making seriously delicious raw vegan pachadi tacos, I learned so much about these business partners, raw veganism, and friendship. I hope to give you a glimpse of how wonderful these ladies are, and to inspire you not only to cook Kendalyn's dish, but, for locals, to check out their new grab and go restaurant.

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thatssorawgirls Melinda: I'm so curious how you two became friends and business partners. Tell me how all of this came to be. Tasha (TB): We met at UALR; I was a creeper on her personal insta. I was trying to get back into veganism while Ken was trying raw veganism. I asked her on instagram to make me a fruit tray, and it went from there.Kendalyn became like a personal chef, and then it changed into a business. I felt drawn to Kendalyn like I already knew her, so we had an instant connection. Kendalyn (KM): We had the idea this could really work after I catered my own graduation party and felt really encouraged by the people that tried the food. We went to Loblolly afterwards to celebrate, and  the people there also encouraged us that this is something we could make happen - viable to sell food. So we started that summer (2014) to raise money. TB: I have always been interested in entrepreneurship; I had even thought of opening my own vegan cafe or traveling juice bar before, but I can't cook. KM: I wanted to do a traveling food truck, she wanted to do juicing, and now we're here. TB: Bo Bennett really inspired us to stick to what we believe in, to follow our exact dream and not to change because it was easier. So that's why we've tried to stick to raw veganism,  using only unprocessed natural salts, and plant-based oils. Tasha started grad. school and Kendalyn wanted to start cooking for others as a way to raise funds for grad. school in Alaska, but they both saw that this was a passion that could be viable so that lead to pushing this to a full time career. Melinda: What drew both of you to raw veganism, as opposed to just vegansim or vegtarianism? TB: You know,  if you go to raw veganism first, going vegan seems so easy. KM: There are some extra nutrients you can get from eating raw, so we try to live by the Raw till 4 lifestyle. Melinda: What are some tips you can offer for helping people make the switch to veganism? KM: In a strong vegan community, support is crucial. Always shop fresh when possible, frozen next, never canned. TB: Build relationships with farmers at the market. Be willing to go to the farm-- sometimes they will give you food for helping them farm for a day. Eat a local places. A farmer should be your best friend. Melinda: Can you give our readers some additional resources to help them explore veganism/raw veganism? KM & TB: Freelee the Banana Girl, Mimi Kirk, and Annette Larkins are some of the people we find inspiring. For books and documentaries check out The China Study, Food Inc., Cowspiracy, Earthlings, and The Daniel Fast. The ladies spent a lot of time talking about the health benefits of veganism, but also of the spiritual and mental benefits of veganism. They both talked about the experience of having their "brain fog" lifted, and how that helps those that are vegan understand it's a lifestyle change in every way, not just dietary. I hope you feel even a tiny bit as inspired as I did after reading about these ladies! Now, enjoy Kendalyn's recipe!


10-15 large spinach leaves (preferably vine spinach)
Juice of one lime
1 TBS fresh cilantro minced
1/4 red onion finely diced
2 garlic cloves minced
1 TBS ginger minced
1 TSP chili powder
1 TSP cumin
1 TSP coriander
1 TBS curry powder 1 dosakai melon peeled, seeded, and cubedgluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan

gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan Directions

Combine all in bowl except melon. Stir well. Fold in melon gently coating with seasoning mix.
gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan
DSC_00901 gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan
Anti-Inflammatory sour cream:
1 thumb fresh turmeric or 1 tbs dried
1/3 C. Cashews soaked at least 4 hours
1 tbs ACV
water to thin to desired consistencyDSC_01281
To assemble:
Spoon 1-2 tbs pachadi onto "shells"
Small scoop of sour cream on top
Enjoy!gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, vegan
gluten free, pachadi tacos, raw vegan, thats so raw, veganThere are absolutely no words for how much I LUVVED this dish. It was the perfect amount of savory, tangy, and flavorful. I may be slightly obsessed with the vegan sour cream. This is ALL flavor and no guilt. Make, remake, and make again. Continue to thank Kendalyn for this amazing recipe.
These ladies kick butt and have a wealth of knowledge to share. If any of you are looking for more inspiration on how to become vegan, or how to better understand what nutrients your food is giving you, follow their instagram (@thatssoraw) and give their restaurant a like while you're at it!
Happy Eats My Sweets,melinda-sig

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