Teasing Tools: Three Combs Every Girl Needs

Here in the South we have a saying: "The bigger the hair, the closer to God." Teasing (or back-combing) your hair is an essential step to most iconic hairstyles -- from the towering beehives of the '60s to the the wild, crimpy volume of the '80s -- all the way to the more subtle height of today's simplified looks. Today's I'm listing the three combs that every girl needs to achieve the teased hair of her dreams: the wide-toothed comb, the rat-tail comb, and the teasing brush. teasing tools (4) Each of these three beauty tools can be used to create different types of back-combed hairstyles. Keep reading to see how to use each one. The Wide-Toothed Comb teasing tools (1) Truthfully, I've only recently discovered the brilliance of the wide-toothed comb. Not only has it become a necessary part of my morning post-shower routine (this plastic wide-toothed comb is SO excellent at combing out tangles in wet hair), but it's also the way I get volume in my normal, day-to-day hairstyles. teasing tools (5) To add a little volume to your hair when you're just wearing it down and natural, start by spraying some dry shampoo or dry wax spray in your hair to give it some texture. Then you can use the wide-toothed comb to tease toward the roots. Spray all over with hairspray and you've successfully created some subtle volume that will give your casual hairstyle just enough lift. Get one here.  teasing tools (7) The Rat-Tail Comb teasing tools (9) Ahh yes, my old friend: the rat-tail comb. I've been relying on this beauty tool to give me that perfect "boof" since I was a young sorority girl, and now it's every bit as effective in shaping your updo with more lasting results. You can use the pointed handle to section of pieces of hair to be teased, and then use the stiff, fine-toothed tines to back-comb each section. teasing tools (10) Again, the narrow tines of the rat-tail comb are best used to build more involved hairstyles; teasing with this comb creates substantial sections of back-combed hair, which allows for buildable height. I recommend using this comb to create elaborate twists and half-up styles, but be prepared to spend some time brushing out the teased sections; this tool could also be called a rat's-nest comb. But you need it! Get your own here. teasing tools (11) The Marilyn Teaser Brush teasing tools (2) Ok, so this one isn't technically a comb. But it's maybe the most important of all three of these teasing tools. The Marilyn teaser brush is taking the beauty world by storm, and it's totally understandable. This small brush is incredible at creating volume in any hair type. teasing tools (15)teasing tools (16)teasing tools (17) The secret is in the elevated center row of boar's-hair bristles; this design forces you to tease smaller sections of hair at a time (using the pointed handle to section each piece out), while also creating more durable height. I suggest that you use the teaser brush to back-comb the under-sections of your hair, then gently use smooth the top layers over the teased sections. The bristles are great for smoothing back-combed areas without losing any height. This is a must-have beauty tool. Get it here! Depending on your hair type and how you normally style it, at least one of these three teasing tools will be the sure-fire way to create major height that lasts. You don't even have to be Southern to keep your hair looking godly and full of secrets. teasing tools (19)

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