T "rave" l extremely enthusiastic recommendations for Travel

It is 11:47 the night before my departure.  I keep hearing how “summers in Fayetteville Arkansas are like no other”  yet for a handful of days I will be away from what makes this place magical…no complaints because I will be traveling to Florida (FOR FREE).


This will be the second of three separate small traveling adventures this summer.  The first for an infinite amount of reasons was perfect. The people, the city (Corpus Christi, Tx), the ocean…

The second trip will be more work related and a chance for individuals in my profession to “network,” listen to individuals speak on issues and concerns in the profession, and more importantly listen to other professionals tell you how they do their jobs better than you.

Consitutional Convention of sorts

 On to travel...

People rarely complain about travel, the majority of the complaints center around packing and unpacking.  So the remainder of this post will give you insight in what it is like for males to pack for travel (at ll:47 pm the night before departure) and hopefully cycle through the items I need to bring.


0. Locate your identification card/license/passport.

If you are headed over seas hopefully you figured this one out a little earlier.


1.       Is this clean?

Pack clothes that are clean and don’t hesitate to wash everything you are taking even it is clean.

This ‘re-wash’ gives you a chance to cycle through your outfits and de-wrinkle once you dry!


2. How many outfits is appropriate? Is there a rule for how much is too much?

NO? Then if it can stuff into travel bag(s), it is worth bringing.

3.       Dress appropriately, know your surroundings and prepare to dress accordingly.

4.       Be aware of weather (simple enough).

5.       Finances (know how much you can/cannot spend),  always carry cash!

6. Must bring phones, electronics, and chargers. Forgetting your charger is not acceptable.

old phones

7. Be sure to bring things to occupy your mind during delays/lay overs/cancellations.

House of Leaves

8. Toothbrush/bubblegum. Be fresh.

The above covers a majority of things needed for successful summer travels.

I am openly aware that I am missing some really important items.

The amount of conversation generated when asking individuals what they pack when traveling, their system for packing, and what is the first and last thing they pack is entertaining. No system is perfect so... best efforts in your summer travel adventures and hopefully you find a nice balance of packing items you actually use and try to leave space for items to bring back from your travel destination.

Friends and family love gifts and to know your thoughts shifted towards them while away. J.R.

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