Sweet Spring: Outfit Post

Sweet, sweet, spring you are so refreshing.

Spring Outfit-Hello Luvvy Darcy Munoz-1378Spring Outfit-Hello Luvvy Spring Outfit-Hello Luvvy

Spring Outfit-Hello Luvvy

Skirt. Blouse. Shoes. Necklace. Purse. Photography

This spring is all about whimsy; the feminine florals, soft colors, and the sweet little details like the lace seen in this top. Spring beckons the light we have all been craving through winter, and I love to see it translate into the clothes we choose to wear. This outfit hits every aspect of must have for spring in my opinion. With just the right amount of dressy, you could wear it to the Farmer's Market, then later to that bridal shower and feel perfectly comfortable. It is versatile, feminine, and airy. It shouts springtime.

What looks are inspiring you this spring?


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