Sweat-Proof Summer Brows

Last week, a friend complimented me on my eyebrows and then said, "You must put in a lot of work to get them to look that good." I was more than flattered, but I also started thinking that maybe "Summer Brows" should be a thing; you know, rather than the moody, super-defined drama of using dark brow powder, why not kill it all summer with an easier, lighter brow look? Don't get me wrong, luvvs-- I am still all about that wild and crazy brow realness. I just want that look to take under two minutes and last through my sweatiest day at the zoo/ ballpark/ wedding. Read on to skim the basics of brow-shaping and then see how the eyebrow pencil has become my Summer Brows' new BFF. summer brows (19)2   Comb.  summer brows (5) This eyebrow/brush comb came in a cheap-o brush kit from Coastal Scents and I literally use it every day. After your shower, comb your brows UP and then back toward each respective ear. Now you can see if there are any far-wandering stragglers who need to be plucked. Tweeze (if you must). summer brows (9) Honestly, I am remarkably lazy when it comes to tweezing my eyebrows. I rarely do it because I am still trying to "grow my brows out" in an attempt to turn into Cara Delevingne. But if you've let your brows go and you need to do some serious Edward Scissorhands-style manicuring be aware of your face shape and the proper ratios of brow length and shape. Use the handle of any thin makeup brush to map out the most flattering brow shape based on your face and eye shape. Hold your brush horizontally across your brow bone to make sure your brows are even; hold the brush handle vertically against one side of your nose to see how far to extend each brow in the middle of your face; finally, hold the brush at an angle from the tip of your nose and out toward the corner of your eye-- this tells you how far to fill your brow out. summer brows collage Fill. summer brows (15) I have found great success with all types of brow fillers: gels, pressed powders, and pencils. In today's post (and for the rest of the summer) I'm using a Brow Definer pencil from Sonia Kashuk in "Haze." Something about the light strokes of a pencil create a more natural-looking fill, plus I feel like in this Arkansas' humidity, the pencil stays in place better than a powder or gel. summer brows (20) You could always set your look with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel, but this quick and easy fill-in with the pencil should be good for lasting definition. It packs the (all-day) drama without the heavy, brooding look of  Winter Brows. Long live Summer Brows! And do you know what looks extra fly when paired with Summer Brows? Lipstick. katie-sig    

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