Summer Swim: Outfit Post

Summer is here (Yay!), which means it is time for the pool, river, ocean, lake, etc. I wanted to show you all a look I am really digging right now for summer swimming and sunning.

Hat and Bathing Suit: Target, High Waisted Shorts: Blank NYC, Overlay (coverup): Savoir-Faire, Sunglasses: Maude Boutique



As if it isn't completely obvious from seeing these photos, I am a huge advocate for protecting your skin from the sun. I have plenty of sun damage from the ages of 13-19 and so now I mostly just keep it natural and avoid tanning and laying out. I always just try to feel confident in my own skin. Sometimes people make fun of me (J.R.!!), but I can laugh at my paleness and feel content about it at the same time. I know I am avoiding the negative consequences. A floppy hat, sunglasses, and a thin cover up are my go to sunning accessories to keep me from getting too much sun.  I will admit that I have gotten one spray tan in my life, and honestly I didn't hate it. It is not a bad idea before your beach vacation this summer. I also like the Jergen's lotion that slowly builds a tan. Are you luvvies ready for summer? How can you stay confident in your own skin?


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