Summer Hostessing Guide 2015

It's that time of year again! My guide to summer hostessing must-haves. This guide is a combination of gifts that you can treat yo' self with, or you can give to others. Regardless, they are gifts that will keep the barbecues going, keep the drinks a-flowin', and keep you and your guests merry as can be. summerhostess 1. Diamond Glasses Katie has the best pair of diamond earrings from our girl Brandy of Bella Vita. They made me pretty obsessed with all diamond shaped items! These will have you shinin' bright! This is extra awesome for you Arkansas luvvs, rep. our state. 2. Jelly Shot Test Kitchen This is a perfect book to make your parties extra special. This is a guide to amazing jello shots. When I say amazing, I don't mean those basic jello shots you have undoubtedly seen a million times. I mean AMAZING. Check out this example of elder flower mojito jello shot. 3. Backgammon Want something to pass the time outside? Keep people off of their phones with this adorable backgammon set. 4. Cheese & Crackers AMPERSAND. AMPERSAND. AMPERSAND. My favorite character is now on amazing cheese AND cracker board.  You need it. I need it. We need it. 5. Moonshine Shot Glasses Moonshine is having a moment.  And I'm not just saying this because I'm southern. White whiskey is making it's way into mixologist circles. You may have noticed it in your local liquor store, the moonshine options keep a coming. Here is the perfect way to drink your moonshine. Little cutie mason jars. 6. Animal Stirrers I love animals. I love gold. I love these cocktail stirrers. Make your summer wild with these summer stirrers. 7. Cooler Breather Carafe Want to keep your sangria, white wine, and juices cool? Use this mind-blowing carafe to keep everything chill in your life. 8. Air Balloon Birdhouse Lastly, keep your guests entertained with these birdhouses. Everyone loves a good bird watching and these are probably the cutest I've ever seen. These would make a wonderful housewarming gift as well! Happy hostessing, luvvs! melinda-sig

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