When I was in Guadalajara, MX we went to this incredible mall. They had all the stores you have heard of like Gucci and Prada that don't at all interest my normal girl pocket book, but then they also had some stores that I had never heard of and I ended up loving. I wanted to share one with you all that I think you will also luvv. It is called Stradivarius.


Stradivarius originates in Spain and exists all over the world except the U.S. I think Mexico is the closest location to us. Yes this is a total bummer, but hooray: they do have online!

I would describe the style as bohemian chic. It is not nearly as boho as FreePeople, but it is just enough to make you feel like the clothes have that Spanish flare. The materials are light and the prints are exotic; and the prices you will luvv. Very reasonable ladies. Here are a few looks I am really liking for summer.




8249122001_1_1_4P.S. They have really cute bags and shoes!





So what do you luvvies think? Pretty cute stuff! The price of these items range from $18-$40. Not bad!

I purchased this look for my beaching adventures in Puerto Vallarta, MX

[caption id="attachment_3024" align="aligncenter" width="600"]IMG_3835 Shirt & Pants: Stradivarius, Wedges: Toms[/caption]

 Go check out their website and let us know what you think!


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