Story About a Man who Travels the South

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You reach and an age where the most common question asked when meeting someone new is “what do you do?”.Recently a person I have known for some years came to visit, as we went to different places/events he kept explaining ‘what he did’.Here is his story and some quick tips for traveling as much as he does.

Title/position: Territory Manager for The Genesis Agency (North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Northern Louisiana)

Years employed: 1.5 yrs

Degree/previous experience: B.B.A. Management, Finance and worked at Fleet Feet Sports Corpus Christi for 4.5 years

Duties/responsibilities:a lengthy document was attached to our conversation for the sake of brevity lets say he has constant interaction with retailers and consumers which requires him to travel.

Travel: We're on the road constantly. I've had months where I've stayed in Dallas for over a month, and periods where we're on the road for 30 out of 60 days (I'm in the middle of such a block). We have to be responsive to event, races, and expos in our respective territory, but have to make sure we're well rested (mentally and physically) because the travel is definitely taxing. It's also fun as hell.

How do you measure successful? I am a good worker as evidenced by: This is difficult to measure at times, since our efforts are sometimes not immediately translated to the "bottom line". Easiest way to measure success in our industry: hit your numbers. I'm a bit intimidated by such a motive (I do enjoy the challenge), but I focus on taking care of my accounts as best I can, as quickly as I can, as often as I can. We really look to build relationships and when you have established a good one with an account, everything else tends to fall in place.

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Travel tips for long drives

1. Bring GOOD MUSIC. People sometimes make faces when I mention how often we're on the road, but if you can crank out some tunes on a long trip, you get lost in the moment and it makes the miles worth it.

2. Watch what you eat. It's easy to eat unhealthy food when you're on the road (Surprise, there aren't many Whole Foods at gas stops) so I've learned to pack plenty of fruit and "healthy" snacks for trips. It helps minimize the beer belly and ensures survival

3. Don't be afraid to enjoy the view. I've come across too many people in the industry that relate travel time to a migraine. Maybe it's because I'm still fairly new to the job, but I look forward to getting lost in the Ozarks or traveling to nowhere, Oklahoma. It's amusing to see the views and people living their lives in places I thought I'd never end up.


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I think I may have answered the music/food with the above statements. I think it's absolutely ridiculous I get the chance to run in all of the cities I travel in. During a summer trip last year, I ran in six different cities in six consecutive days. Dallas, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Conway, Fayetteville, and Tulsa. Yes, I was harassed in Hot Springs, and yes, I got to see a naked man (who was apparently on PCP) run by in Conway, but it's a hell of a way to break away from the monotonous.

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