Stop.Shop.Fayetteville: Today!

For those of you who follow Hello Luvvy on Instagram and Facebook, you have probably been seeing our constant notifications about an upcoming event called Stop Shop Fayetteville. Stop Shop Fayetteville is a public event taking place tonight that two local business owners created, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Meet Leea Lee and Mallory Berry

Leea Mallory Comp-0944

Leea is the owner of Black Cherry Vintage, a super fun, edgy, vintage clothing boutique located here in Fayetteville. Mallory  is a local photographer and the owner of MGB Photo. Mallory has been putting together stop motion videos for quite some time, and when Leea first saw one she was ready to have a video created for Black Cherry. When these two ladies met to discuss details, a lightbulb seemingly went off. "We need to make a stop motion video that includes many local businesses in Fayetteville."  You see these two ladies know how important collaboration is amongst small business, even if they are in direct competition.

Promo Video

The video would include boutiques like Maude to flower shops like Pigment, to a little ol' start up website HelloLuvvy. Each business owner would have a chance to help design and create the concept of their own stop motion video photographed by MGB Photo, then a large-scale public event would be held on the Fayetteville Square (at Pigment), to premiere the video and have a meet and greet. All the videos are shot locally and even the soundtrack to the video is by local artists. At the event each business will have a small booth with some of their products, business cards, and information about their small business. When Leea and Mallory asked to meet with me about being one of the businesses included in this video you can imagine my excitement. I immediately said YES and THANKYOU.

Friends if you live locally please come to this event and say Hello Luvvies! Kaitlyn and I will be there at the HelloLuvvy table and assembling an insanely huge photo booth background you will absolutely luvv! Come get your picture made, watch an awesome stop motion video, enjoy some local music, food and drink, and meet lots of local business owners.


Can't wait to see you there!



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