Staying in Character: How to Eat and Drink like your Halloween Character

As I've mentioned before, I love a good theme. Which means I love to go over the top about theme-ing things out. I'm sure you can imagine how that translates to my love of Halloween and dressing up. You don't just WEAR the outfit, you ARE the character. While some characters are known for their props, plenty of others can be recognized by their food or drink choices. To help you get a little more inspiration, and a little more in character, I've compiled a list to tell you how to eat and drink like the character you may be this Halloween. 1) Leslie Knope Knope doubt about it, I am a huge Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec. fan. The idea this is their last season, kinda kills me, but it's better to celebrate how awesome it is than to wallow. Celebrate in style by channeling your inner Leslie Knope with some waffles topped with more whipped cream than you can imagine. Business apparel, curled hair, the most positive attitude, and waffles will make you the definitive Knope. leslie 2) Liz Lemon I couldn't include Leslie without including Liz. This was particularly difficult because Liz likes so many foods! How does one decide between sandwiches or night cheese? Alas, Sabor de Soledad won out in the Liz food battle. Blazers, jeans, glasses, and Mexican chips combine to make this a perfect Halloween costume. tumblr_lt5hngBbme1r3kdnio1_500 3) Mindy Lahiri OR Olivia Pope Do you like red wine? Are you looking for an excuse to consume ample amounts of red wine in the name of Halloween? Then, you are destined to be Mindy Lahiri OR Olivia Pope. It just depends on how cheap you want to be. Also, can I just say, any post that I can make that allows me to mention my personal trifecta of funny ladies is essentially my favorite thing ever (Amy, Tina, and Mindy).  If you want to be Mindy, you just need a white coat, fake glasses, and cheap red wine. If Olivia is more your taste, you need all white everything and the nicest bottle of wine you feel like buying. If you really want to make Pope proud, add some popcorn into your channeling mode. mindy redwineolivia 4) Agatha from The Grand Budapest Hotel Agatha makes the prettiest desserts around. If you luvv to make, this is the costume for you. Dress up as Agatha and make these luvvly desserts for your friends. Your outfit will be sure to be a hit! You can learn to make these desserts here.   I want to make these so badly. Someone show me up and be her for Halloween so that I can be jealous of your mad baking skills! agathagrand 5) Daisy Buchanan As any girl that's ever dressed up as a flapper knows, the true person you envision yourself channeling in Daisy Buchanan.  Daisy is THE quintessential flapper. If you choose to be a part of the roaring twenties this year, don't forget to give Daisy a nod by making yourself mint juleps. If you've never made a mint julep, you can go here to find a delicious recipe. Daisy-Buchanan-606x404mintjulep 6) Elsa and Anna So, are you and your best friend or sister going to be Elsa and Anna this year? OR are you a mom that is going to be one of them so that you can be your daughter's other half? In either of these cases, spiked hot chocolate is the answer to your Halloween night. Parents, obviously, keep the spiked hot chocolate to yourselves as you serve regular hot chocolate to your children. Spiked hot chocolate is a perfect way to warm you up and to keep in character as you try build a snowman, be careful though, don't "Let it Go" too much (sorry, I had to go there!). Mother-daughter-wore-Frozen-costumes-throughout-party-making 7) Lorelai and Rory Gilmore Now that Netflix has finally wised up and put all of the Gilmore Girls episodes on its server, it's my hope that a Gilmore Girl craze will invade pop culture. Let's start making that happen this Halloween. This costume is so easy. You and your partner in crime need a coffee cup, and then eat anything in sight. Eat any and everything you can put your hands on. Only then, will your true costume be complete. Sounds like a pretty great costume to me. gilmore-girls I hope I have inspired you to fully complete your Halloween costume by adding in a drink or snack of your character's choice. When food is such a part of a character's identity, why leave it out? There are so many great male characters with definitive foods and drinks too: Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rust Cohle, Don Drapper, Dale Cooper, and oh so many more. What are some other character's whose food or drink choices you think are an integral part of their being? Comment below! Can't wait to see how you are all looking fabulous (and eating and drinking fabulously) this Halloween! Come back next week for my recipe for spooky, scary graveyard cookies. Happy Eats My Sweets! melinda-sig

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