Spring Foodie Forecast with the Pies Before Guys Ladies

I know it's important to keep up fashion trends, but I'm mostly just worried about what delicious thing I can create or try next. Just like trends in fashion change, trends in food change as well. It's for this reason  that I wanted to start bringing you luvvs my Foodie Forecast. And -- because everything is better with friends -- I'll be recruiting various foodies to help me in this process! For spring, that means working with the lovely ladies of Pies Before Guys, Autumn and Donkey. Pictured below is one of their AHHHHmazing,  mouth-watering pies. This particular pie is a strawberry ginger pie with a touch of raspberry and blackberry. It's also flavored candied ginger, angostura bitters, and rhubarb bitters. We're talking some next level pie right here. DSC_07501 Follow along to find out a little more about these wonderful ladies and then our spring foodie forecast.



Autumn Hall and Katie Douglas (Donkey) are two truly rad chicks. I've long admired the delicious desserts these two have routinely made around Little Rock and was psyched to see that they have started their own business, Pies Before Guys. Their pies are amazing and it was a true treat to get to learn more about them and their business. DSC_08061 Melinda: What inspired you guys to create Pies Before Guys? Autumn: I'd say we are both sarcastic and drier than your average person. We love baking and food more than we like people, and we both have enjoyed being behind the scenes of a business more than in front. Neither of us liked the chaos of a kitchen. We wanted something less chaotic than that, and something where we could handle our desserts delicately. So now, with Pies Before Guys, we get to bake in our soft pants. DSC_08111 Melinda: What are your all time favorite pie flavors? Autumn: Cherry Pie! Donkey: Cherry Pie, Coconut Cream Pie as second. DSC_09091 Melinda: What tips do you have for making delicious pies? Autumn: Gotta know how to make a good crust. Also, you can tell a huge difference between a fresh pie with fresh ingredients. Donkey: A common thread of what we make is to always go local and go fresh on whatever we can. DSC_07441


Below is a guide to the ingredients that Autumn and Donkey are inspired by for spring, along with ingredients that are inspiring me. Any other ingredients you guys are feeling for the spring time? springfoodie2 (L-R) 1. Cardamom 2. Radishes 3. Chickpeas 4.Floral Notes 5. Pistachios 6. Crystallized Ginger 7. Lavender and lemon 8. Pears For Autumn and Donkey, they are feeling most inspired by cardamom, pears, crystallized ginger, and the combination of lavender and lemon. These flavors are making their way into their desserts. For them, spring is all about not being overly indulgent, but rather focusing on fresh and light ingredients -- really letting the flavors speak for themselves rather than being masked with too much indulgent sweetness. For me, I'm finding that foodie bloggers around the web are incorporating pistachios into everything from salads and desserts to meat dishes. Chickpeas have always been valued, but now more than ever as a go-to protein while many of us are trying to get beach fit. Radishes may seem like a surprise on this list, but I'm telling you, people are making some really cool, new choices with radishes. It's an interesting flavor to work with and can really change up your average flavors. Floral notes are a must for a season filled with blossoms. I agree with the ladies about subtle flavoring, so using florals like Elderflower and Rose to lightly sweeten is a great way to keep dishes light but delicious. **Note While it is always best to eat seasonally and locally, this isn't necessarily a guide to that. Rather, it's a guide to the ingredients  we feel go along with various spring dishes that we see being made. Watch out for our summer foodie forecast in June! Make sure to check out the Pies Before Guys Instagram and Facebook for more information about ordering your own pie. Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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