Spring Bunting by Color Overboard

Hello Luvvly Ladies! My name is Jessica, from Color Overboard, and I am so excited to share how to make this spring bunting to spruce up your home this season. I am filling in for Kaitlyn over the next couple weeks while she is on maternity leave and I couldn't be happier. I hope you enjoy the post and let me know what you think! Lets get started!
You will need:
Patterned Paper
Assorted solid color card stock
Hot glue gun & Glue
2 decorative brads
bakers twine
24 inches of ribbon
glue dots (optional)
Alphabet stickers
For the flower petals you will need 7 circles that are 1.5 inches in diameter for a small flower or 2 inches for a large flower. Each petal needs to have a slit cut half way through the circle.
For the center of the small flower you will need a 1 inch circle and for the large flower you will need a 1.5 inch circle.
After you cut all of your petals out, put a glue dot on one side of the slit close to the edge of the circle. Overlap the other side of the slit and secure it on the glue dot. Now you have your first petal! Repeat that to make the rest of the petals.
Using a hot glue gun, glue 3 petals together with the slits facing the center of the flower. Then glue 4 petals together. After you finish the 2 layers of petals, glue them on top of each other.
With a sharp object, poke a hole in the center of the middle circle of the flower. Then put a brad through and secure. With scissors, cut fringe around the brad. Now you can hot glue the middle part of the flower in the center of the flower to finish it off! Repeat those steps to make a small flower so you will have 2 total. They are super cute right?!
For the bunting cut a 2.75 inch x 5 inch rectangle out of patterned paper. Then, cut another that is 2 inch x 3.5 inch out of a solid color paper.
On one end of rectangle, pinch the corners together and cut from the corner inwards to cut a triangle out of the rectangle. For each rectangle repeat this step to create each of your banners.
Layer the small banner on top of the large banner. Punch small holes in top corners of the large banner and add the first letter sticker to begin your word.
Keep making banners until you make as many banners as you need to spell out your word, then make 2 extra to add a flower on each end. For the bow, cut 4 pieces of ribbon, the long one is about 6 inches and the short ones are about 2 inches long. Then, fold in the ends of the long ribbon and glue. Wrap one of the short ribbons around the center of the bow and glue. Then, glue the last 2 ribbons under the center of the bow. make-a-bow Glue the 2 flowers you made to 2 of the banners and put all of the banners on bakers twine! To finish, glue the bows on to both ends of the bunting to create stoppers. Now you have a touch of homemade to add to your space! I am so happy that the ladies at Hello Luvvy invited me to share with you all. I hope you enjoyed the project and can't wait to see what you have done with your creations! - xoxo Jessica

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