Skincare VIPs for Winter Weather

As many of you luvvies already know, I'm currently planning my wedding. I've booked the church, bought the dress, and ordered invitations-- in other words, the "big stuff" has all been decided upon. Now I'm desperately trying to get myself ready for the big day, which involves gym time with a trainer and a whole lot of self-discipline at the grocery store. One detail I've really been concerned about is the condition of my (30-year-old) skin, especially given the wonky, blustery, dry-you-out-big-time weather we've been having here in Arkansas. Today I want to share with you the secret weapons I have been using to smooth and moisturize my dry skin. skincare VIPS (4)

Meet the VIPs (Very Important Products): 

1. Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Sunscreen: I'm obsessed with this sunscreen because it's super light and can be worn under makeup without any greasy afterglow. Get it here. 2. Mango Lip Butter by The Body Shop: I've using this lip balm from The Body Shop for years. It keeps lips smooth and soft even in freezing temps. Buy it here. 3. St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion: This is the perfect lotion for the lazy girl: it's an awesome spray-on! My fave is the naturally soothing oatmeal and shea butter spray.  4. Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer: The eye de-puffer is a must-have no matter the season. The caffeine in it helps reduce any swelling or inflammation around the eyes.  Get it here. 5. Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer by SkinScript: I got this amazing moisturizer from my esthetician, Annie Ratliff, who swears by the balancing effects of this daily face lotion. Meet Annie and let her help you with your skin woes!  These five products will remain atop my Very Important Products list for the next five months as I get my skin in tip-top shape for the wedding. Sticking to a daily skincare routine (ALWAYS WITH A SUNSCREEN) is the easiest way to prevent tell-tale signs of aging. Oh, and washing your makeup every night before bed helps, too. Happy Monday, ladies! Go put on some lipstick. katie-sig  

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