Sincere Sundays: September - Real Women pt. 1

A few weeks ago, all of us Hello Luvvy girls got together to have a pow wow about HL. In this pow wow, we really talked about how much we luvv our readers, and how much we hope to branch out and connect with them more. We love what we do on the site now, but we wanted more ways to connect with each of you. You guys are amazing! We want to have amazing conversations with you! From this desire, Sincere Sunday was born. Sincere Sundays will be a video series that each of us will take turns contributing to during the month. For each month, we have chosen a theme that we want to discuss with YOU. We want this to be a way that we continue part of our mission to be "brave, positive, and bold individuals." To be vulnerable and honest in opening up on our thoughts on beauty, womanhood, marriage, and so on, and to encourage you to be brave enough to do the same. Above all, the ladies of Hello Luvvy value creating a community of connected women. We want to be able to support and encourage ALL women. Because of all of this, it's only fitting that our first theme is that of, Real Women. Each week we will be bringing you our individual takes on what exactly that means. Watch mine (Melinda's) today, below! Real Women Pt. 1 Stay tuned next week for our second video! Sincerely Yours, melinda-sig

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