Sincere Sunday: Using Your Voice Pt. 3

sinceresundaypt2 This month's Sincere Sunday topic is one that is so close to home for me. For such a long time, so many women never had the opportunity to use their voice. To think about the fact that it's a blessing the other luvvs and I can be here talking about using our voices, and are supported in that, is actually pretty amazing. I admire all of the women here at Hello Luvvy, so it's been a real treat to hear what "using your voice" means to them. Don't forget that we'd luvv to hear what it means to YOU as well. What better opportunity to use your voice than to start exercising that now? Can't wait to hear what you have to say. Watch below to see just exactly my struggles with using my voice and how overcoming that fear is one of my greatest accomplishments. Using Your Voice Pt. 3   melinda-sig

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