Sincere Sunday: Using Your Voice, Pt. 2

Hello luvvs, and welcome to another installment of our "Sincere Sunday" vlog series. This month's theme is about how we use our voices, both individually and collectively, to effect change in the world around us. Hopefully you all caught Darcy's wonderful video last week, in which she discussed current domestic violence problems in this country, as well as how Hello Luvvy is striving to support victims of this all-too-common female-specific issue. My video is about my job in education, and how I try to  literally use my voice everyday to support, encourage, and empower the sometimes-struggling young women in my classes. Plus I talk a bit about the Clothesline Project, which is an event hosted every year at my community college in an attempt to raise awareness for domestic violence victims. Below the video, you can browse through some photos from various Clothesline Project events. clothesline3 clothesline6 clothesline5 clothesline4 clothesline2 clothesline1 With luvv, katie-sig

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