Sincere Sunday: Real Women, Pt. 2

Hey ladies. Last week, Melinda introduced HL's new's vlog series, Sincere Sundays. (If you haven't watched her introduction video yet, do it RIGHT NOW.) This week, I wanted to extend our initial focus on the topic of "real women" into the realm of makeup and beauty. Now you may be thinking, "But Katie! Wearing makeup, by definition, is covering up your real beauty!" All I can say is that I wholly disagree. Makeup is a way to build confidence, to express creativity, and to enhance natural beauty. It may come as a surprise to some readers, but wearing makeup IS NOT FOR THE BENEFIT OF LOOKERS-ON. Wearing makeup most benefits the wearer! I don't love buying new lipsticks because my fiancee wants to see a variety of lip colors; truthfully, I don't think John even notices whether I'm wearing makeup or not! In today's video, I wanted to share with you my personal thoughts on beauty, and how these ideas manifest in my column for Hello Luvvy. And there's even a little challenge for you at the end! Please enjoy! katie-sig

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