Simple Shelving for Small Spaces

by 1 June 11, 2015

There is one very important question you must ask yourself when you are buying your first home: are you a charm and location person, or are you an amenities person? Well, I am a charm and location person who now wishes she had been an amenities person. I may have beautiful full-grown trees in my backyard and I may be in walking distance to a great park, but I also have absolutely no storage space and every last wall of my home is covered in wallpaper. Yes, I am a very lucky girl. While in the process of updating my bathroom, more storage was a must and low-cost was also a must. Solution? DIY of course! Let's get started. diyshelves17


—two 36inch long 1x10 boards —four white shelf brackets —24 screws (8 and 3/4) —level —drill —tape measure —pencil — (not pictured) painter's tape, white and gold craft paint, small brush diyshelves1 To start, measure three inches from each side of your board and one inch up from the bottom, then mark with your pencil. This is where you will place your shelving brackets. diyshelves3 diyshelves2 Attach the longest part of your bracket to your board. Now, secure your brackets with screws. diyshelves4 Repeat these steps to create the second shelf. Now it is time to hang your shelves. You will need a second hand (hubs) and a level. diyshelves6 Once level, screw your shelf into the wall. diyshelves5 And that's it! You now have some amazing, simple added storage space. diyshelves7 Now, let's add the finishing touches. This is the fun part! Use painter's tape to tape off one 3-inch stripe and one 1-inch stripe. Use a measuring tape to make sure the widths stay consistent. diyshelves9 I used white paint for the larger stripe and gold for the smaller one. diyshelves10 Let the paint dry then remove tape to reveal luvvly stripes. I repeated a similar version on the second shelf. diyshelves11 And voila! You have created some beautiful new storage space for your bathroom or anywhere in your home. diyshelves13 diyshelves16 diyshelves12 darcy-sig