Shapewear: From How to Wow

With summer comes warmer temps, and with warmer temps come sun dresses and light fabrics. While these airy dresses and fabrics are some of my favorite clothes to wear, the undergarment situation becomes a little more complicated.

That beautiful backless dress is perfect for that wedding, but you just can't seem to get your bra strap low enough. That form-fitting cotton maxi looks perfect, except for your panty lines and the creases from your bra straps.

So let's not neglect what goes underneath and find the right shapewear to take your look from how? to wow!


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Keep in mind, I am not writing about shapewear because I want you to be worried about this imperfection or that imperfection. I am writing about it because I want to help you feel more comfortable in your clothes. As it turns out, what you are wearing under that dress can be just as important as the dress itself.

Here are a few examples of fabulous dresses that when worn by non-model body types (most humans), shapewear could take the dress to the next level.

zaraThis yellow dress is luvvly, very tight and very luvvly. I would suggest wearing it with  shapewear #1.

zara3Hello pretty pink sundress! The low back bustier (#2)  in nude would be perfect under this dress.

zara4The nude shapewear onesie (#5) is ideal for wearing under this short/sheer shift dress.

By adding the right shapewear under your clothing you can smooth out your silhouette and accentuate your assets, thus boosting your confidence.

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