Seaside Date Night: Outfit Post

When you are on your beach vacation there is always that one night where you decide to dress up a little nicer. You rinse off the sand and leave the sarong in the hotel room.  You head out to a restaurant for a seaside date night, enjoy your favorite white fish and maybe a little white wine. You want to wear something that is light, airy and colorful. This outfit is exactly that, and when I saw it at Maude, I immediately imagined myself at that seaside restaurant hearing the waves crash in the distance. summer style summer style summer style summer style

summer stylephotos by

To me, the colors of this outfit are perfect. I love how the blue melts into the yellow, then the yellow melts into the pink. It's sorta like watching the perfect seaside sunset, wouldn't you say? I also love this outfit because it's a matching separate. It looks good together and possibly even better separately. I can't wait to show you all the fun ways we can style this.

Happy #trendytuesday luvvies!



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