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Seared Pear Dessert

by 11 June 22, 2016

Luvvs, you can make this seared pear dessert feed a whole dinner party for less than ten dollars.  Go ahead and calllll me obsessed with this savory, sweet dessert.  As I was developing recipes for the summer, I thought about how much I love pear and honey on a crostini, and it inspired me to experiment with those flavors for dessert rather than as an appetizer. It's laughable how easy and cheap this is, but it sounds straight up fancy - fancy enough that you can serve it for a dinner party, but simple enough that it could become a daily, fairly healthy snack. I gave you four different variations of this recipe, but I think there are some easy ways you could experiment even further with spices. DSC_36611 I made this on my panini maker  but this would be just as good, if not better, on a grill. The panini maker is a great way to sear fruit, veggies, and meat in a pinch! line Seared Pears with Goat Cheese Ingredients Pear Goat Cheese Pecans Cinnamon Honey DSC_36321 Directions  Sears Pears until soft, roughly 3 to 5 minutes depending on how hot your grill or panini maker is. DSC_36431 Once the pears are soft, they need to be topped immediately with a layer of goat cheese. DSC_36621 After the goat cheese is on there, you can experiment with different toppings. I did the following combinations on top of the goat cheese: Honey + Cinnamon Honey + Cinnamon + Pecan Pecans + Honey Honey DSC_36691 My favorite was the honey, cinnamon combination, but they were honestly all sooooo good. Goat cheese deliciousness for life! Happy Eats My Sweets,