Rubber Band Manicure

rubber feature As much as I enjoy the luxury of a salon manicure, I also enjoy trying out new and easy manicure tricks at home. After a couple of weeks of packing, moving, cleaning, and unpacking, my nails were a hot mess. I'd read about using rubber bands to create clean lines in a manicure and decided I'd give it a go. The results were surprisingly awesome. I rarely wear a true French manicure, so for this experiment I chose to replace the traditional pink and white with Loreal's "Greycian Goddess" and Revlon's "Minted." First I painted my nails with the grey polish. As I've mentioned before, it always helps to paint your non-dominant hand first! rubber1 Once the grey polish was very dry, I got my secret weapon: a regular old rubber band. Yes, like the kind in your office desk drawer. I tied the band into a knot in the middle, thereby increasing the tension of the elastic and creating a figure-eight shape. I slipped one of the loops of the band over my thumbnail and then pulled it tight by slipping the other loop over my ring finger. From there I just moved the elastic to paint the tips of each fingernail without worrying about the polish running or looking sloppy. rubber2 I finished off my fresh French mani with a top coat by the amazing Seche Vite. rubber3 Why go to the salon when you can do your own nails like a pro? French manis have never been so quick or easy. Finish this look, as with every look, with some lipstick. katie-sig

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