Rose, White, and Blue

No way Jose, this is my first rosé recipe EVER. I don't know how that happened, but I'm glad to be fixing it by bringing you this rose, white, and blue cocktail for your 4th of July needs. The greatest part of this cocktail is that it hydrates you while drinking, so you can continue to drink by the pool or in the heat while you enjoy your cocktail. 4th of July is my jam luvvs, so I'm all about decking out everything in red, white, and blue. Why just wear red, white, and blue, when you can drink it too?DSC_36811 Rose Cocktail Ingredients Rosé Coconut Water Shredded Coconut Blueberries Directions First, you will need to start off by freezing A LOT of coconut water ice cubes. To do this, you simply get your ice cube trays and fill them up with coconut water. If you're making these for yourself, use a few trays. If you are making it for friends, you might want to use several trays.DSC_36901 Once the ice cubes are frozen (typically 3ish hours), you fill your pitcher with the coconut ice cubes. On top of the ice cubes you will pour your rosé. Add in blueberries and shredded coconut as a garnish to the cocktail. DSC_37141 If you decide you want to try this blended, it'll probably be delicious! Just add the blueberries in after blending so that it can maintain each MERICA color.DSC_36821 I hope you're luvving your summer, and I hope these drinks add something a little special to your 4th of July!

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