Rope Braid Bun + Bow

When coat weather arrives, wearing your hair down is just like asking for a rat's nest at the back of your neck. To avoid the static-y tangled mess that inevitably forms when I spend hours working on perfect curls, I oftentimes opt for a cute and quick up-do. And I know that these days the messy top knot reigns supreme, but today I attempted to give that old stand-by a slight twist. rope braid bun (13) For this hair style, you'll need some bobby pins and some clear elastics. Start by parting your hair down the middle and pulling each side into a pigtail at the crown of your head. rope braid bun (4) Next you'll twist each pigtail into a rope braid by dividing the pigtail into two sections of hair and then twisting the two sections around one another. If you have fine hair like I do, you may want to pull out your rope braids once you've secured them with clear elastics. This will give the braided bun more height. rope braid bun (6)rope braid bun (10) Now that you have your two rope braids, you'll take one and wrap it around the base of the other in a counter-clockwise direction. Secure with bobby pins. rope braid bun (33)Then take your other rope braid and wrap it in a similar counter-clockwise manner, making sure to tuck in the ends of each braid and then secure with bobby pins. rope braid bun (35)rope braid bun (36) Finish this cute style with a good shot of strong hairspray, then accessorize to your heart's content. I added a bow with dogs on it. rope braid bun (29)rope braid bun (12) This rope braid bun will not only keep the knots out of your hair, but will also earn you some envious looks from all the basic top-knot girls with their PSLs. Serve up this wintertime hairstyle with a side of lipstick! Happy Monday, luvvs. katie-sig

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