Review & How-To: Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

If you've been reading HL for awhile, then you already know that I am obsessed with Korean makeup and skin care products. (Check out some of my favorites here and here. Oh and here, too.) In today's post I'm experimenting with yet another adorably-packaged K-beauty product: the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. elizavecca clay mask (1) I first read about this product on reddit, (which tbh is my go-to for all things makeup and beauty-related), and ordered it from Amazon. When it arrived, however, I was forced back onto the internet for information about ingredients and proper application because none of the instructions on the packaging are in English. All part of the fun. What I learned from the Internet: Elizavecca's Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask contains amazing ingredients like green tea, matcha powder, charcoal powder, pomegranate extract, and cinnamon. The main objective of the mask is to purify pores and deep-cleanse the skin, but it also works to eliminate redness and leave skin softer and firmer. Let's see if it works, shall we? elizavecca clay mask (3) To use this clay mask, begin by pulling your hair back out of your face. I used a thick headband to keep any product from getting stuck in my hairline. elizavecca clay mask (4) The product comes with a tiny spatula to help with application. You can use your fingers to apply if you'd prefer; however, if you do use the spatula, be sure to wipe it off carefully before storing it for next time. elizavecca clay mask (6) In terms of texture and viscosity, the clay mask is extremely thick and kind of elastic-- like caulk or Nickelodeon's Gak. Use the little spatula to apply the clay on your forehead, cheeks, nose, then chin. elizavecca clay mask (8)elizavecca clay mask (9) Don't worry about spreading the clay mask around; it will begin to bubble and expand as soon as you apply it. The natural oils in your skin actually activate the carbonated formula. elizavecca clay mask (10) Almost immediately you will notice the mask changing from a dark grey to a lighter shade as it bubbles and foams. Yes, it tickles. elizavecca clay mask (13) text As the carbonated clay bubbles, it purifies your skin and cleans out any deeply-hidden dirt inside your pores. elizavecca clay mask (17) textelizavecca clay mask (18) textAs you can see, the mask will get quite puffy as it works. Be careful (or at least more careful than I have been) when initially applying the mask so you don't accidentally get it in your eyes or hair. elizavecca clay mask (20) text I feel like this is really a good look for me, right? My husband was equal parts amused and horrified. Luckily, when you've lasted through around 5-6 minutes in the clay mask, you're ready to gently rinse it off with warm water. Or use a nice warm washcloth, as I have here. elizavecca clay mask (22)elizavecca clay mask (24) In the review in which I first encountered this product, (in the r/AsianBeauty thread on, the user suggested using a gentle cleanser to remove the mask, so I think your normal face wash (or even cleansing wipes) would work perfectly here. elizavecca clay mask (25) After wiping off the clay mask, I could tell an immediate difference in my skin. It instantly felt both smoother and tighter. The bubble clay mask formula is surprisingly hydrating, but I added a drop or two of my favorite simple day-to-day moisturizer just in case. I would highly recommend moisturizing your skin after any deep-cleansing treatment! elizavecca clay mask (26) Well luvvs, there you have it: the latest and greatest in Korean skincare. Will you be trying out this (admittedly hilarious) carbonated bubble clay mask? elizavecca clay mask (29) The only thing more fun than looking ridiculous in a face mask is when you do it with your best gals, right? elizavecca clay mask group katie-sig  

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