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Everybody has their travel thing. It’s the one aspect of traveling that you spend the most time thinking about and deciding on. You are committed to this thing being the way you want it. It’s your travel necessity.

I am pretty sure I have two of these things, but the first one is a hotel I love. I envy the folks who can just sleep anywhere, those who don’t think twice about the linens, and the free spirit who gets to book a room based solely on price. I am not that person.

A nice hotel room instantly makes me happy. Luxurious crisp white linens and a marble walled bathroom with a beautiful bathtub is enough to make a trip worth the distance. If it rains on us, fine. There is a blizzard we weren’t expecting? No big deal, this hotel likely has a killer spa. Really, the room and hotel common areas are more than enough to fill my day.

If a hotel gets your travel warm-and-fuzzies their fuzziest, or maybe you are wanting to surprise someone special with a night away, then you want to know about Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Small Luxury Hotels works with over 500 luxury independent hotels from all over the world. I love that they aren’t just luxury, they're small. We haven’t stayed anywhere with over 60 rooms and many have far fewer. We have felt well taken care of and remembered by staff, partially because the hotels aren’t packed with hundreds or thousands of people.  We stumbled upon Small Luxury Hotels of the World on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and then we happened upon one in Istanbul; since then we have used a Small Luxury Hotel everywhere we can.

Small Luxury Hotels is not primarily a discount group. That said, they are always giving you ways to stay at their hotels for less. They even have a section that helps you plan last minute get-aways.  They show hotels that are running specials within the upcoming couple of weeks. What is on this list has helped Mat and I choose where to stay on our monthly European adventures.

The name pretty much covers it, but we love that it is truly global. There are only a few places we have tried to go we couldn’t find a Small Luxury Hotel option.

You should check it out and sign up for their rewards program. Earning free nights is easy and straightforward. So is moving up in their rewards system to get things like complimentary upgrades, breakfast with every stay, and a welcome bottle of wine.


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