Red Velvet Dip

So...somehow I  got roped into watching The Bachelor. And I watched it. And I loved it. And I felt guilty about how much I loved it. But I can't stop, and now...I'm watching The Bachelorette . The best part though, and I suspect this is true for many of you, is getting to watch the show while drinking wine with your besties. For the Bachelorette premiere, I wanted to make a fun red dish that went along with the rose theme. Because of the red hue of this dish, it's perfect not only for the Bachelorette, but also some of our favorite American holidays! Memorial Day and 4th of July need this red dip!DSC_33811 Oh, and did I mention that you eat this dip with OREOS. That's right, what says a girl night more than Oreos? I mean...c'mon. You neeeeed this. line Ingredients Red Velvet Cake Package 1 cup Whipped Cream 1 cup of Greek Yogurt 1 cup of Whipped Cream Cheese OreosDSC_33521line Directions First you're going to start off with a package of red velvet cake. I love funfetti dip and was feeling very inspired by the basic funfetti recipe. I've been wanting to try this recipe with a different cake mix and red velvet fit the bill. Open your cake package and put it a bowl. Then add in the other ingredients and stir.DSC_33691 Now the dip is ready to eat, but you need something to eat it with. Enter... OREOS! You could use vanilla wafers as well or really any other cookie you're feeling. DSC_34081When using oreos, I actually took the creme out and mixed some of into the dip. It made it even better. Then leave the cookies out to use to eat the dip with. DSC_34021 lineRed velvet for life LUVVS. You're gonna wanna make this all the time.

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