Rapha House & Hello Luvvy

We are very excited to finally announce our partnership with Rapha House!!

rapha house

Rapha House is a respected non-profit that is helping young children who are enslaved by child prostitution and human traficking. The organization is based in Joplin, MO but is currently working in Cambodia and Thailand where child trafficking is at its worst.

what is rapha house

As seen above, Rapha House is not only rescuing these girls from trafficking, but also working very hard to educate them, treat their severe emotional states, and then reintegrate them into society, enabling them to live normal lives. All of these aspects are equally important.

rapha house

It is important to understand that while we may assume this is something that is only affecting the people living in Cambodia and Thailand,  it is actually affecting us at home too. Everyday these young women are bought and sold and often times sent to the U.S. There are also sexual predators from our own country who travel to Cambodia/Thailand to partake in this form of slavery. As sickening as this is, and hard to imagine, we need to understand that this is a global issue. If you are wondering how Hello Luvvy is partnering with Rapha House please visit our about page and sponsor page, and understand that awareness and action are the keys to change.


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