Quick and Easy Twisted Crown

Hey there, luvvs. I am back from Spring Break and feeling especially inspired by the dreamy warm weather we've been having here in Arkansas. Today's tutorial is my quick and easy approach to romantic springtime hair. The combination of the loose waves and the twisted crown (which is so easy it's ridiculous) make for an effortlessly pretty look. twisted crown (20) If your hair is naturally straight like mine, then you'll want to start by amping up the volume by adding some waves with your curling wand. twisted crown (2) Remember to invert your wand to curl from the roots of your hair toward the ends; also, hold the end of each section of hair out away from the wand to get the looser, messier wavy look. Once your entire head is curled, grab a small section of hair (maybe an inch or so) from above your temple and begin to twist it back away from your face. twisted crown (4) You'll want to keep the twist relatively tight for now; you can always go back after you've pinned it at loosen some of the pieces of hair. twisted crown (5) At the center of the back of your head, pin your twist with a simple bobby pin. twisted crown (9) For the best hold, insert the bobby pin into the twist horizontally. This will hold your twisted crown in place most securely with the fewest number of pins. twisted crown (12) Now repeat this easy-peasy twist on the other side of your head. twisted crown (15)twisted crown (18) Once you've the reach the back of your head again, cover the first twist with the second and use another pin to secure it. Again, push the bobby pin into the twist horizontally; this will help to hide the pin and keep your crown in place. Above you can see the free-hanging ends of both twists, but you can also tuck the ends of the Twist 2 under Twist 1 for a more sleek look. twisted crown (27) Admittedly, my hair is super fine and I was able to accomplish this look with only two bobby pins. However, you could easily hide a few more inside your twisted crown, especially if you're rocking thicker hair. Definitely remember to hit it with some hairspray. twisted crown (21) And if you're really feeling fancy? Head out to your backyard to see what flowers are begging to adorn your twisted crown. I went with azaleas. As you can see, I gently pulled the end of each twist to look a little messier before I added my flowers. And then I became a fairy. twisted crown (28)twisted crown (24) Take 5-10 minutes to create these wild romantic waves with the simple twisted crown; there couldn't be an easier springtime hairstyle. katie-sig  

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