Quick & Easy Veggie Garden Signs

finished garden labelsI don't know how far your gardening abilities extend, but mine are pretty limited. Not that I don't try, but my husband is much better at these kinds of things. For this reason, I let him be in charge of the vegetable garden. This year he decided to plant from seed, and many of them have to be left inside for the first few weeks after they are planted. I decided to help him out by making these cute little signs until the plant is visible so that he can tell them apart!

suppliesYou will need:

Thin piece of wood

Dowel Rod

Exacto Knife

Hot glue gun

Acrylic paint


wood cut outYou can find these thin pieces of wood at your local hobby store with the unfinished wood projects. Use the exacto knife to cut the wood into the shape of your choice. After you have chosen your paint color, paint your wood. It took me 2 coats to cover fully.

painted labelOnce your paint has dried, use your sharpie to write the name of the vegetable. Then, hot clue a short piece of dowel rod on the back of the sign.

finished garden labels 2In the end, you have a cute and useful craft. Even better-- this project only takes about 10 minutes!


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