Put an Egg on It - Egg Pasta

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's a huge trend right now to add a fried egg on top of food, and I gotta say, I LUVV it! Eggs are my faveeeee, and getting to try egg on different foods (burgers, pizza, and so forth!) is a pretty fun way to change up a typical dish. I've been wanting to try egg on pasta for a while, but I was hesitant. Finally, after messing around in the kitchen, I figured out a simple dish that combines two of my favorite foods pasta + egg.dsc_07781 The other bonus for this dish, is that it would fall in my lazy eats for fancy treats category. This recipe looks fancy, but guess what, it's only a few ingredients and seriously looks gorgeous. It's also only five ingredients. Lady loves, I just finished buying a house, and let me tell you, starting the school year, having a newborn, and buying a house all at the same time is absolutely nuts. Mostly because I barely have had enough time to breathe, let alone cook. This recipe has become one of my steadfast crutches during this - I can make it in one minute after the pasta is cooked. So my busy bees need this in their life as well!

Egg Pasta

Ingredients -Linguine -Basil Pesto -Tomatoes -Feta -Eggdsc_07551 Directions Make your pasta per the directions. Once the pasta is done, toss your basil pesto into the the linguine. dsc_07481 Next, top your pasta with sliced tomato, feta, and your fried egg. dsc_07731 Top it with a little sea salt and pepper and man oh man, perfect. dsc_07811 So happy to bring you guys a new recipe and give you a new way to mix up your dinner routine. We have some really fun fall recipes planned to share soon!

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