Preppy Half-up Hair Tutorial

Happy Monday, luvvs! And for all of you who are heading back to school this morning -- students and teachers, alike -- good luck and best wishes in your fall 2015 semester. Now I know that not all of you luvvies are headed back into a classroom today; I do think, however, that we could all use a little low-maintenance hair renovation this week. preppy half up tutorial (10) with text For today's tutorial, I wanted to share with you my technique for achieving a crazy-easy, preppy half-up style. I love this look because all at once it looks youthful and sophisticated and effortlessly cool and chic and-- well it's pretty much the perfect fall hairdo. I started this look with day-two, lightly wavy hair. (You could use a curling wand or even sleep in braids to give your strands some body and texture.) I sprayed some dry shampoo throughout my roots and made a slightly off-center part. The off-center part suggests something effortless about this style, and -- if you ask me -- offers a nice break from the swarm of 60's-inspired middle-parts that you saw everywhere over the summer. preppy half up tutorial (38) Next I dusted the crown of my head with some volumizing powder, then teased it up to a near-ridiculous height. Don't be afraid to get crazy with your teasing; you can always tame your bump later. Make sure to leave the front sections of your hair (around your face) hanging freely. preppy half up tutorial (32) Smooth and shape the teased section and sweep it back as if you were going to put it into a ponytail; instead, secure your teased section with bobby pins. preppy half up tutorial (30) After shaping and then bobby-pinning the bump at the crown of my head, I took the chunky section of hair from over my left ear and crossed it back over the initial pin, securing it in place with a bobby pin. preppy half up tutorial (23)preppy half up tutorial (22) I then did the same thing with the section from above my right ear. preppy half up tutorial (21)preppy half up tutorial (19) The final look is a softened-up version of the famous "business in the front, party in the back" mullet mentality. From the front, your look is preppy, pinned-back and ready to own the day; meanwhile the back is a little messy, a little feminine, and very ready for happy hour. Be sure to hit the pinned sections with some strong hairspray. preppy half up tutorial (4)preppy half up tutorial (5) This entire look took me about 6 minutes to complete. And at least one of those minutes was spent looking for more golden bobby pins. preppy half up tutorial duo This messy half-up look is the perfect hairstyle for any luvvy who wants the sophistication of a half-beehive with a little less structure. It's an excellent hairstyle for going back to school or for welcoming the fall season. Have a great week! katie-sig

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