Post Flight Confession

Post Flight Confession_Header-01 We are traveling right now. This very week. So I've got a short post and a confession for you this week. See, you do things when you travel that you don't do when you are at home. There is the decision to drink an extra glass of wine on a Tuesday. Then your guy grows a beard. Of course it's time for you to get that massage you just can't bring yourself to get at home (even though it would be half the price). You should be proud of all of those things. It's part of what makes a vacation a vacation. It's not like home. But then there are things that fall into the category  of "not what I do at home" but they don't make the instagram feed. Less than impressive travel decisions are a part of everyone's voyage. Really. Everyone's. Including me. Maybe especially me is a better way to say it. With that I would like to confess a travel guilty pleasure... Chili's Too in the airport. When I plan trips I look forward to Michelin stars, hole-in-the-walls, street vendors and long time favorites. Then I get to the airport. That's when I order skillet queso and an iced tea. And I love it. Every salty chip. Every bit of salsa mixed in with the queso. It's just airport perfection.

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That's one of many, but I'm not ready to confess much more. Meet me where I am, luvvies. What's your travel guilty pleasure? Signature_kelsey

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