Post-Baby Body - Forget that Overwhelmed Feeling

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Some days you look in the mirror and feel like a million bucks. After you have had a baby there are days that same mirror makes you feel more like a dollar fifty. If you are mentally prepared for a post baby body there is still a moment you wish you didn’t need to be.

And let’s be honest. Getting back to a version of yourself that is a little more like someone you are used to seeing can feel overwhelming.  I felt overwhelmed the first two weeks, and five weeks in I still battle that voice that says “I’ll never get there.”

The baby is needy and meeting those needs feels like I have to leave mine behind. I used to be able to workout hard and when I got done I felt athletic. Now I work out at a very average level and when I get done I feel like a wimp. My closet, yeah, you know how it is. Over. Whelming.

I don’t know how you deal with that overwhelmed feeling but I know how I do. I shut down. I quit. I take a nap. Naps are my go to. But this doesn’t help me in the long run, so I’ve come up with a few things to keep me from getting to the point of curling up on the couch. Here’s what's working for me.

Give Yourself A (Mental) Break: I am not even going to say that cliché thing that I hate to hear about how long you are pregnant and how long it takes to give back the extra you got. I’m not going to say it. But here’s the deal. Positive self-talk is more powerful than you think. No excuses. Just truth. The truth is your body carried a baby. That baby is a blessing even though the post baby body doesn’t feel like one. This little human in your house is worth this new challenge. Remind yourself you wouldn’t have it any other way. Then remind yourself that the brownies aren’t a blessing – not a daily one anyway.

Take a Long Walk: You gotta get out of the house. It’s good for your mental sanity and it’s good for the baby. So get out with that stroller and walk with purpose. Do it for a good long time if the little one will let you. It’s a workout (really it is) that you can do with your tiny and an hour in the park will help you clear your head. Too cold? Raining? Two groups of people are acceptable mall walkers: senior citizens and moms with strollers.

Be Ready for Your (Short) Opportunity: Wake up and put your workout clothes on. Do this before you pick up that screaming child for the first time. Then pick out a workout you can do in segments. Why segments? Because let’s be honest sometimes you only have 20 minutes. My favorite way to do this is via FitSugar. FitSugar TV workouts are only 10 minutes, free and many are led by celebrity trainers. Pick three – four if you are ambitious. Keep them cued up and since you are already dressed you can get in one or two 10 minute segments once that precious time sucking little human takes a nap somewhere that isn’t your arms.

Eat Better Bites: I thought it was a joke when new moms said it was hard to fit in breakfast and lunch for yourself. Turns out it isn’t a joke….or funny for that matter. New moms are typically hormonal and starving. Don’t starve. It’s not good for you, the baby, your milk or your marriage. You need things around that you don’t have to fix. I’m talking zero preparation. And if you stocked up on Oreo’s for “treats” I bet you eat one whole row in an afternoon. Apples and Bananas are great. Granola bars are top notch. Make sandwiches before you go to bed at night and have them ready. You know what counts as healthy. I don’t have to tell you that. Now go figure out how to make healthy things you can hold in one hand and consume in less than 7 minutes.

Focus on Small Daily Victories: You can’t do it all everyday. If you try, you won’t beat the overwhelming feeling. It will beat you.  So if all you can do right now is eat healthier, do that. If you have to eat the Oreo’s because it’s the only thing you can get down the hatch while you feed your little one then so be it – but try to get out for a walk. A small victory everyday is a victory that matters.

If all of us moms could sit around with a glass of wine and be honest we would all say this whole post-baby body thing kinda sucks. Even those who get it back fast would have to agree. No one would say they got pregnant for the body they would have later. We all got pregnant (on purpose or not) and had a baby because then we would have a baby. But lets not let each other forget that the version of yourself you want to find is not lost forever. If we refuse to give in to that overwhelming feeling we will find her sooner or later.


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