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Popsicle Dream Dress

by 1 April 28, 2015

Now that the warmer months have arrived, it's time to have a little more fun with the way we dress. It's time to break the "rules" a little and just let go. Summer begs for brighter colors, lighter fabrics and comfortable silhouettes. For me, it also means indulging in the colorful, kitschy prints of summertime-- like this adorable popsicle print dress from Wit & Whimsy. I'm not sure I have ever seen a cuter print! popsicle print dress popsicle print dress popsicle print dress and pink purse purple seychelle booties

popsicle print dressdress/shoes/bag/necklace

From tiny cheeseburger print t-shirts to dresses with lemons (and even tangerine wallpaper), kitschy prints are a fun trend you can try out in many different ways.