Popcorn, Petit Fours, and Champagne Cocktails Party

[caption id="attachment_5584" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Print Available at Cin Cin! Vintage Bar Ware Print Available at Cin Cin! Vintage Bar Ware[/caption] You know those "winter blues" that seem to linger just under the surface come January 23rd or so? I know them too. In London it's been rainy, so rainy. One of the wettest winters in years. On the plus side it hasn't been nearly as cold as last year, which was one of the coldest in years. But it's been cold in the good ol' USofA this year. So cold those winter blues might be showing up in a palette of navy. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's not over yet, Arkansas and Texas. You know what those navies want? They want you to sit at home with your partner, your cat, your dog, your tea cup and pout. And that's not so bad every now and again. I don't know about you, but I am sick of navy and I am so over my tea cup (and I love my tea cup, I got it in Brussels and it was the best thing about that trip, it redeemed that trip - you need a good tea cup). It's time to kick navy to the curb, raise another kind of glass and give yourself and your friends something to look forward to. I am talking about an old fashioned party, a get together, a shindig. Of the interesting sort. Of the sort worthy of the title "luvvly": Petit Fours, Popcorn, and Champagne Cocktails. Not a combo you usually see on the party invitation? That's right, it's not. That's part of what makes it interesting. Wine and cheese I've done, you've done and your grandmother probably did last month. Margaritas and Salsa is my summer anthem, my back yard jam. But when the blues are of the navy variety, they require something a little less expected to get your friends out of the house and your butt into hostess-of-the-freakin'-year-mode. Beat the Blues- Champagne, Petit Fores and Popcorn-01 Here's the kit you need: Colors: Whites, Greens, and a pops of pink and orange. Some gold never hurt any party, ever. Dress it Up: White flowers and succulents (picture here) keep it modern with just a touch of color. Plus, the succulents last as long as you choose to have them. If you're going at night get yourself to the Walmart and buy white pillar candles in copious amounts. They are cheap and they make the mundane magical with the strike of a match. Champagne Bar: The center piece is the bar, right? This one should make it easy to mix and match booze and berries with your champagne. Give your guests three cocktail recipes to try. I'd go with the Classic Champagne Cocktail, The French Kiss, and the Ginger Grapefruit Sparkler. You can ask your guests to bring a bottle of champagne or give them a specific mixer to have in tote. Treats: Give your popcorn a twist. Pictures above is the Samoa popcorn from Top With Cinnamon. If you tell people you are going to have chocolate, coconut, caramel popcorn they are going to show up. Here are five other amazing ideas for fancy popcorn - Rosemary, Brown Butter, Lemon…"yes, please" that is the only response that makes sense here. It's a party when there is cake. And when it comes to cake I prefer the petit fours. I have a philosophy for petit fours, buy them. Maybe you are Betsy the Baker and if so more power to you, these gingerbread ones look ridic. delicious and I want to be invited to your party. But If I lived anywhere near Fayetteville, Arkansas I would call up Chuck's Bakery and order petit fours. I am not forsaking the slice of heaven that is Rick's Bakery, you could get unbelievable petit fours from Rick's. I just think Chuck's are touch better, a touch. The add-on's: Once you hang the perfect banner then expertly lay out a mix of colored paper straws, fun stir sticks and some pretty paper coasters among your goodies everything start to feel a lot less blue. For the Hostess: You want to start things off with a smile. Frame your pearly whites with these options from Nars (gloss, pencil). Smiles (and dance moves) are contagious make yours stand out. toast I mean, Petit Fours, Popcorn and Champagne Cocktails are something I wouldn't say no to. So call up your friends, e-vite them or even send them a real invitation made of paper in the mail by gosh, but get yourself some bubbles. Say hello to pink, peach, and champagne. Leave navy to next year. Signature_kelsey

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