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Ponytail Power-Ups: Three Spring Styles

by 2 March 03, 2014


Because we live in an amazing age of beauty, one in which we are not ashamed to admit the benefits of second-day hair, (or third? even fourth?), the biggest thing happening in hair this spring is already the southern girl's best friend: the ponytail. If you'll remember, every runway at this year's New York Fashion Week was peppered with ponies, and I expect that to be the tip of the trend iceberg.


 And the really awesome thing about this look? It's so easy to do yourself. Start with your normal workout ponytail, toss in a careful twist here, a delicate braided section there, and a couple of bobby pins, and you've got a high-fashion hairstyle in under five minutes.

Today I want to share with you three of my favorite pumped-up ponytail looks. All three styles are ridiculously easy and end up looking surprisingly chic. To attempt these styles, you will need: hair elastics (I'll be using fabric-covered elastics and clear plastic ones), bobby pins, hairspray, and a teasing comb.

1) The Disney Princess Pony

This look is an excellent trick for my shorter-haired luvvies, as it is the simplest way to create the illusion of a super-long princess-worthy ponytail.pony_princesscollage

Start by dividing your hair into a large top section and a smaller bottom section. Secure the thick top section with a regular ponytail elastic, then do the same with the bottom section using a clear plastic band. Allow the top pony to cascade over (and thereby conceal) the bottom ponytail holder, giving you the Rapunzel realness you need in your life.

2) The Twisted Sister Pony


For this simple, sassy side-ponytail, start by pulling a small section of hair to the back of your neck and pinning with with a bobby. Repeat this step, each time twisting the new section over the previously pinned section and, again, securing with a bobby. Once you reach your opposite ear, you're ready to pull the remaining hair into a fabulous low, side pony.


3) The Fluffy Fish Pony

This is the most challenging of the three pony looks, only because it requires some braiding skills. If you don't already know how to do a fishtail braid, check out this fishtail braid tutorial for help-- or you could always just do a regular braid.


To begin, pull your hair back into a regular ponytail near the crown of your head.

[caption id="attachment_5915" align="aligncenter" width="655"]pony_fluffduo2 to add even more "fluff" to this look, i teased a few small sections of hair on top of my head before pulling it back in the ponytail.[/caption]

Next you'll want to tease the upper part of your ponytail (near the elastic band) to give it that full fluff. Once teased, fishtail braid the lower half of the braid and secure with a clear elastic.


I can't wait to rock these three ponytail variations into the spring season, and I hope you will all try them, too. We'd love to see how you rock your pony! Tag us in your instagram photos with #ponyluvv to share your look and maybe even be featured on our feed!

Stay gold, pony-girls. And go put on some lipstick.