Ponytail Power: Two Easy Tutorials

Let's get real: fixing your hair in the summer can feel like a total waste of time-- especially if you live down here in the southern part of the country, where heat and humidity kill any chance of hairstyle staying power (no matter how much strong-hold hair spray you've used). The answer is, of course, an easy breezy ponytail. ponytail post (36) In today's post I'll be sharing with you two quick and cute ponytail styles that preserve the simplicity of your favorite up-do but also bring big-time glamour. 1) The Classic Lifted Pony: Add some oomph to your normal ponytail with your teasing comb and one little trick. ponytail post (24) For this look, I teased the section of hair right on top of my head and then pulled everything up into a normal ponytail. Then, for added lift, I inserted two bobby pins at the back of my hair elastic. ponytail post (8)   This really perks up your ponytail, especially if you have baby hair like I do. ponytail lift tutorial collage   Tease sections of your tail for added volume, and to really channel some 1950s femininity, add a sweet ribbon or bow. ponytail post (26)ponytail post (30)ponytail post (33)   2) The Bubble Pony: Give your ponytail some texture and personality by twisting three little bubbles into it. For this style you'll need one larger ponytail holder and three clear elastics. Start with a normal ponytail (or simply add the bubbles to your classic lifted pony). To achieve this look, you'll need to be familiar with the looping technique that we used to call the "topsy tail." To do this, add a clear elastic into your ponytail a few inches from the original ponytail holder. ponytail post (11) Create a loop in this bubble, then flip your tail through it. ponytail post (14)ponytail post (15) Continue to create bubbles and then loop through them until you get to the end of your ponytail. ponytail post (16)ponytail post (21)ponytail post (20)   Luvvs! Ponytails aren't just for working out anymore (although both of these pony styles would be adorable for a work out sesh)! Let these super easy cutie styles be your go-to for busy mornings or hot nights out. Pair 'em with (what else?) some killer lipstick. katie-sig    

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