Please Welcome Natalie Freeman!

natalie freeman


I am so excited to announce that this luvvly lady is joining our contributing team at Hello Luvvy! We are absolutely thrilled and thankful to have her as our lead contributor for food. You might have seen her wonderful blog Natalie Creates, if not check it out right now! She is absolutely incredible and we know that we will be learning so much from her. Look for her posts on the first Friday of every month.

Personal Bio:

Natalie has a deep passion for living fully & simply in the home. She finds joy in the everyday moments & shares them on her blog, natalie creates (link: Natalie enjoys cooking from the harvests of her garden & prefers old things to new. She is happily married to her husband & together they have a family of two sweet pups & a small flock of chickens.

Below are some photos of Natalie in her element; raising her chickens and goats, canning jam, harvesting her garden, and working with Fayetteville Schools to teach kids how to harvest their own gardens.

natalie creates

Follow Natalie on Instagram: @nataliecreates

We are so thrilled to now call her a luvvy team member!


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