Personal Styling with Danielle Green

Welcome to my closet. It is a humble space that I have packed to the ceiling with florals, polka dots, stripes, body suits, and blazers.  I am not ashamed of it per se, but putting it on the internet for all of you to see wasn't something that I ever planned to do. However, for the sake of this post I will make my closet a public place and I will act like it is actually hard for me (it's not, though it probably should be). styling with Danielle Green If you are anything like me, you may have never considered hiring a professional stylist. I mean, aren't stylists just out there for famous people and rich Beverly Hills House Wives? The only stylist I have ever heard of is Rachel Zoe, and I don't think she would step foot into my Target/H&M filled closet without me dropping about 20k (maybe more?). Still lately, I have been feeling a little lost in my own closet. styling with Danielle Green While surrounded by plenty of color and body suits I just have felt like I wasn't building the look I wanted to achieve. styling with Danielle Green So the idea of a stylist has been sitting in the back of my mind as something I desired, but assumed was out of reach. Well leave it to our generation to make fancy things like "personal stylists" available and affordable to the masses. Because what would our generation be without having everything we desire at our fingertips, right? Right. I started following Little Rock based stylist Danielle Green Beauty & Style on Instagram a few months ago, and I was immediately inspired by her sense of style. When I realized she did styling for a living, I emailed her about teaming up to try it out for the sake of all you luvvies and my closet conundrum. She happily obliged and we got to work. The first thing we did was sit down with my Pinterest board and talk about the styles I was pinning and why I liked them. This seemingly obvious idea of really figuring out what you like about a certain style is fascinatingly helpful. We then tackled my closet in a session Danielle calls "wardrobe consultation." This experience is really led by what you want to achieve in your session. For me, I wanted to figure out how to build outfits around some really great pieces I had acquired but hadn't been able to style in a way that I really liked. IMG_3034 It didn't take Danielle long to realize that while I did have a lot of really great statement pieces, I literally had no basics. I had completely neglected that part of my wardrobe. The majority of styles I was pinning had very basic concepts, but when it came to shopping, I guess I am drawn to bolder patterns and prints. Sure I had some white shirts hiding in my closet, but they didn't even fit anymore. Danielle also suggested that if you have clothes you haven't worn in a year or more it is probably time to let them go to another home. Danielle really helped keep my unique sense of style by building outfits out of the fun pieces that I love and some essential basics. She also explained to me why some things work and others don't as I tried them on. She dove into my fashion instincts then helped me make them better. styling with Danielle Green styling with Danielle Green styling with Danielle Green The next stop in our adventure was "personal shopping." As I mentioned before, after Danielle analyzed my closet it was obvious that I only needed some really basic items: white t-shirts, basic tanks, etc. So we set out to the mall to shop. It was really fun because not only did we spend very little money, but Danielle would find other items and be like "this would look great with that one blazer" or, "this would be perfect with your peach Seychelle's." It didn't ever feel like she wanted me to buy a whole new look, rather she was adding important pieces to create outfits with what I already had. styling with Danielle Green styling with Danielle Green styling with Danielle Green Danielle also showed me how to lay outfits out to put them together rather than staring into the abyss of my closet feeling lost. I loved everything about this day and was very impressed, to say the least, with how professional Danielle is. Since our styling session, I have taken her advice and better organized my closet, purged it of items that I did not wear over the last year, and have kept my eye out for great basics to add to my wardrobe. I luvved this styling session and would recommend to anyone! Lucky us! Danielle is offering Hello Luvvy Readers 50% off all styling services for the entire month of June!!! So send her an email ASAP because space is limited. styling with Danielle Green     So what do you all think about personal stylists now? I would luvv to know! darcy-sig

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